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Galil Productions is not just an ordinary Online Marketing Solution Company. Our tech-savvy experts, are goal oriented people, who’ll help you succeed with your social media strategies and all digital needs.

We’re a leading online service company that’s obsessed with anything and everything that can make you productive.

Whatever your business needs are: web design, app development, video production, online marketing, business start up imaging, we’ve got you covered. Our results do the talking for us by reflecting your success story. With Galil Productions, we assure you the real worth of your money as we understand our clients’ vision and provide every practical solution for them.


To be a top online quality service provider across a variety of industries and technologies


To help you achieve your target business goals.

Our Services

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Our service portfolio is structured along our team’s operational principles for an efficient performance across different businesses. We provide conceivable innovations which deliver real expansion to your business in the best practical form.
Our web development service is tactically designed to be user-friendly, and interactive. We improve your global reach with our online marketing and high-quality videos and help with the right information as a “good content” is that which is packaged in a strategic manner. The developed apps from the stable of Galil Productions also help you reach your maximum potentials. We also realize the importance of image branding in the reception and promotion of your business. Hence, we do all in our capacity to give your business a complete changeover.

At Galil Productions, all our flexible services are geared towards transforming your business concepts, improving your brand’s perception and increasing your sales. When you employ our scalable services, we’ll in return show you how our digital approaches can help you reach your ideal targets within the business community.

Our Core Values

Customer Gratification: We’re passionate about our clients’ satisfaction. Their happiness is the driving force behind what we do.
Security: The outstanding solutions we proffer at Galil are 100% safe and are channeled through the latest software. We’re always careful in making conscious efforts to avoid all risks that could be associated with the use of our services or products.
Innovation: Our innovation brings forth our optimal performance and showcases the efficiency of our E-solutions. We blend our creativity with an excellent customer service just to give you the best.

Consumer Friendliness: We render user-friendly services and create products that are readily applicable and understood by all.
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Some Clients We’ve Worked With

Video Production

The Advantage Of Using Videos To Market Your Business

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If you are searching for effective ways tо rapidly expand your business, and sell more than what you are currently selling, then you should include video promotion to your marketing mix. Millions of people are now becoming aware оf various advantages of video marketing, and are using it extensively for promoting their brand, services or products.

Today people are hungry fоr information but want that fast. So they prefer to spend 2-3 minutes watching a video than spending 15-20 minutes reading some text. Moreover, videos also help businesses in communicating their important points to their target audience in very little time.

Here are the advantages оf using videos to market your business:

Video Is More Persuasive

Thе reason video is more persuasive than other types of content is the human brain requires emotional input to make decisions. And no technology is better at conveying emotion than video. Video caters to the brain’s visual and auditory systems, picking up on cues like body language, facial expressions, imagery and music. This elicits an emotional bond that will influence a person’s choices аnd actions. In fact, studies show that over 80% оf people say they are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

Video Builds Trust & Credibility More Effectively

There’s something about seeing a person that connects us on a human level. It is the basis on which we build trust. Video enables you to be more “in sync” with your viewers, allowing you to reinforce your message with intonation, eye “contact” and phrasing that clarifies your intention. They can see you, share your emotions and develop a relationship with you.

Search Engines Love Video Content

Video is the trump card in the hand of the search engine optimizer. Search engines are looking for signs that your content is engaging to determine if it is worth a high ranking. And nothing boosts engagement like video. In fact, Forrester research found that the presence of video on a wеb page makes it 53x more likely to appear on the first page of Google. And, while that percentages are always changing, the principle remains consistent: video increases the search-ability of your content. Video pages send strong “Indicators of Relevance” to search engines, like Google, which boosts the search rank of your content.

Some of those tangible benefits for SEO include:

Increase You Searchable Footprint

One of the best things about video content is that you can post it on YouTube. While video can dramatically increase your website’s visibility on the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo), few businesses understand how to take advantage of YouTube, the world’s second largest search engine. Depending on your marketing objectives, your videos can live either on YouTube or on your website. If your video is on YouTube, you can increase your brand’s visibility in search fairly quickly, but the traffic will go to YouTube. But if your video lives on your website, the traffic goes to your site, but it takes longer to build up your rankings and traffic.

Video Vastly Improves Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing tactics available. Marketers consistently rank email as having a higher return on investment than any other marketing strategy, followed closely by SEO. But what if you could double or triple the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts? That’s what video does: it increases email click-through rates by 200-300%, ensuring that your email campaigns get the highest ROI possible.

Our Prices are based on the following criteria:

  • Event Location
  • Length of Event
  • B-Roll Footage
  • Type of Footage
  • Length of The Final Video (Short/Mid-Length/Long-Length)
  • Post Production
  • Type of Film
  • Blue-Ray or DVD
  • Chroma-Key Technology
  • AVCHD 1980 X 1080 HD CAMERAS
  • Professional Lighting

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Website Design

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We can develop an attractive and effective web site for your business or you personally. From site creation to e-commerce, we design, develop and deploy your online face, and open the channels of interactive communication. Galil Productions works with all sizes of companies, non-profit organizations, advertising agencies and individuals who want a partner to make their online presence unique and visually appealing. By combining the latest in web technology and an in-depth analysis of goals to be achieved, Galil Productions can design, create and deploy web sites that fit your needs.


We initially examine every facet of a project from inception to completion.

Website Design

The Importance of Having a Mobile-Friendly Website

A mobile-friendly website is one that correctly displays on mobile & hand-held devices such as your iPhone, Android or Blackberry as well as your iPads & tablets. Also known as responsive web design, these website designs will “respond” to ANY device or display, be it your cellphone or your 46″ LCD screen. This makes for a streamlined experience when viewing the website.

Websites that are mobile friendly, don’t just mean websites that are able to be viewed on a phone or mobile device. Virtually all websites can be viewed on mobiles devices, but the term “mobile-friendly” has more to do with how they’re viewed on mobile devices.

A non-mobile-friendly website requires zooming and scrolling to find and read information. Text either appears way too small to read or it runs off the page, images are hard to see correctly, and links are hard to find and harder to click.

A mobile-friendly website reformats according to the type of device a viewer is using. The texts adjust itself to fit within the screen and resizes to become easy to read. The navigation menu compresses into an easy-to-manage dropdown menu and the buttons become bigger for an easier click. Everything becomes a single, easy-to-navigate column that effortlessly takes you down the page.

It is clear a standard site on a mobile device provides poor user experience: there’s an overwhelming amount of information on one screen, and it’s very difficult to navigate. Unless the standard website is the only source of information the user is seeking, they will definitely bounce and choose a mobile-friendly website to visit.

The behavior of mobile devices users is different than that of desktop users. Mobile device users are looking to make an action. They go to a website with a goal to buy something, search for a location or specific information about something, or for a quick way to call or contact you. And because of that sense of urgency and purpose, 40% of mobile users will leave a website if it is not mobile friendly.

Mobile friendly website gives you the following:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Having a mobile friendly website also helps in SEO as it helps improve rankings on mobile friendly search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Google announced (starting April 21, 2015)  that it will be favoring sites with responsive design, meaning that if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, it could actually hurt your SEO and in consequence, your search result rankings.

Mobile users spend more time on your site: This means that especially if your site has an excellent blog or resource page, users will be more willing to spend time reading your site on their phone (if your site is mobile-friendly) than they would on a desktop.

Better user experience: Earlier, it might not have been possible to make a mobile site and give the user a good enough experience because of the low bandwidth and server speeds. However, in recent times, this has changed and you can be assured that using a good mobile site will be an enriching experience for a user.

The biggest draw on the internet today are social networking websites. Many people access these websites through their mobile devices. If they come across a link to your site, they would want to view it on their mobile screens.

Don’t get beaten by competition: People love to browse while travelling. However, when they find that sites that they normally used at their PCs are not mobile compatible, they might end up switching to a site which provides similar services and is mobile compatible as well.

Other benefits include

Streamlined experience across devices

Improve mobile conversion rate

Faster download speed

More flexible and cost-effective than app development


Websites are most effective when they present timely and relevant content – real information.


We offer our clients a wide variety of Internet and database solutions. Our web development team has the knowledge and experience to make your business stronger. Communicate better and move at the speed of the Internet.

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Online Marketing

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Do you struggle to get your message out online?
Why Use Online Advertising?
Our Objective

Geo-Target Marketing

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Want to Increase Conversions for Your Business?What Exactly Is Geo Target Marketing?How Geo Targeting Is Beneficial To Your Business
Employ the use of geographical targeted marketing. It’s the perfect way to make certain your businesses traffic is getting the most relevant content that appropriately leads to a conversion.Geo target online marketing will help you cater to your large audience all at once, regardless of the location of your business. It also equally helps you obtain more conversions, saves you PPC(pay per click) costs and helps to qualify your leads. It is the perfect tool for online businesses.
Active response to geo-location is what is aptly known as geo-targeting – visitors on your site are precisely identified using their GPS data, Wi-Fi, or IP address, then relevant content that is specific to their location is served to them. Put another way, geo targeting is the practice of delivering different content to a site user based on their geographical location. Location, in this case, can be city, state, country, etc. SERPs are the simplest and best examples of geo-targeting.

#1: Promotes your brick and mortar locations –
In order to appeal more directly to users that are already familiar with your products and services (within your location) you must engage in geo-targeting online marketing campaigns. It’s the best way prospective clients will quickly find your store, thanks to their getting enticed to click the “buy now” button or fill out your lead generation form on your website, when your PPC ad appears. Clients can find your location.
#2: Gets the most out of the seasons –
With geo-targeting, you can market your products and services anywhere in the world regardless of the seasons. For instance, if you sell furred jackets your window of opportunity is only during the winter season. Once winter is over, your campaign will have little effect. But not when you are engaging in geo-target marketing, as you can quickly start campaigns aimed at different locations where the cold season is still on-going.
#3: Targets specific demographics –
The best thing about geo-target marketing, you can target a particular audience that you desire to market your products or services. If, for example, you are planning to sell products ideal for younger people, geo-targeting will provide you the ability to exclude cities and regions with a senior demographic. So your products and services will sell widely to a younger audience with ease. No wide market research is needed. It is convenient.
#4: Targets specific countries and languages –
When you start geo-targeting campaigns, you will have the world to yourself to market and sell your goods and services. The world will be open to you since you’ll not be limited to language barriers or country borders. Even if you have a “.com” English only site, you will market your products in Arabic, Spanish or Italian speaking countries. With geo-targeting, you may very well be an international business by default.

Business Image

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The Importance of Building a Good Business Image

Your corporate or business image is not only limited to the logo, colors, and marketing elements you use, but it also includes public perception whenever they are reminded of your company or brand. A good business image is vital for the new or starting companies. And if you are observant enough, you will notice that even the largest and long-established businesses never stopped on promoting their brands.

Building your business image is very important because:

–          It can help increase sales and achieve your business goals. Perhaps, the most important benefit of building a good image is the opportunity to attract new customers and increase your revenues. When you solidify your brand, you create interest and trust from consumers or your target market. The final result? The achievement of your business and personal goals.

–          It creates loyal customers. Building your image not only results to the addition of your prospective customers. It also encourages your current and past customers to be loyal and be regular patrons of your products and services.

–          It helps you compete. Building your company’s brand or image is actually a form of marketing. And it’s one of the best ways to compete and survive especially if the industry you’re in is already saturated.

–          It can increase the value of your business. A good and strong image increases the total value of your business. If you’re business is divided into shares of stocks, having a good image let’s you benefit from a stable and profitable stock price. Good brands are very valuable. Have you noticed that some companies buy other businesses just for the name or the brand?

–          It can provide the power to influence consumer decision and dictate your own price. If your business is just starting out, your pricing scheme will certainly be based on the average industry prices. But when you already built your own reputable brand, you can freely dictate your desired prices. Additionally, having a good business image gives the opportunity for you to influence consumers’ purchasing decisions and habits.

Why hire a professional to do your image or brand building

You, the business owner or your marketing employees can actually do the image building or branding yourself. But there are PR firms, marketing companies, and professionals who specialize in providing such service. Between the choice of doing it yourself and hiring a professional, it is always advisable to opt for the latter; hire a professional image or brand builder. Why?

–          Since they are professionals, they already have years of experience and expertise to produce only positive results. If you do it yourself, there’s that risk of inflicting damage to your image instead of doing any good to it especially if it’s your first time.

–          It’s more efficient and cheaper to contract a professional. Leaving the marketing work to the PR experts helps you save on time and on costs. You save on costs not only for the actual marketing campaign but also on the salaries which could have been paid if you hire a dedicated PR employee.

–          Professional image builders also have access to the best of tools and mass media or online network to be able to do the most effective promotion for your business.

–          Call for a free assessment (424)241-0836

Search Engine Optimization

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SEO is the process of improving a website’s visibility on search engines through “natural “or “organic” placement. Typically, the higher a website ranks when a searcher enters a query, the more traffic that site will garner. Several variables are considered by major search engines like Bing and Google when indexing websites such as domain name longevity, the amount of text contained in the website, and link structuring just to name a few. Whether you are starting from scratch, or already have an optimized website, Galil Productions has the knowledge and tools to ensure you get found in your desired market.

SEO Strategy Development

When you expend effort designing a website you are proud to show off, your audience should be able to easily find it when searching. From keyword research and content development, to search engine marketing and local SEO, Galil Productions will create a solid foundation for your website to get the attention it deserves. Contact a consultant today to discuss a custom SEO strategy that will have your website rising to the top of organic search results with global, national, or local search engine optimization.

SEO Strategy Maintenance

Ongoing SEO Maintenance is a must for sites that have already been optimized for the search engines. Galil Productions deploys a variety of strategies – such as inbound link acquisition, press release development and syndication, local SEO strategies, and ongoing content updates – to boost your search engine rankings. In addition to traditional best practices for a solid SEO strategy, Innovation Media will consider emerging social media sites to ensure your practice is positioned ahead of the curve. Equally important, Galil Productions will submit your site for inclusion in all major search engine directories such as Google, Bing and more. Search Engine Optimizations is no longer an option, is a must.

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Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

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Importance of Having an App for Your WebsiteMany business wonder if they really need to create an additional mobile application for their websites. This has been the latest trend for most business websites for both small and big businesses as the tech industry has become more mobile. More people, particularly younger people, are constantly downloading apps and using their devices to access the internet. If you have not yet created an app for your website, now is the time to do so, and here are some of the main reasons:

Creates interest

Developing a mobile app is a simple way of showcasing your services or products to both your clients and other prospective customers. Users see apps as a one-stop access for all the important information they need about your business. This interests clients to continuously keep checking your updates to find out new features or new deals.

Improves management

Most people today cannot fight back the temptation that a great deal or a good discount offers, particularly when they are notified regularly of such options regularly. This is precisely what is achievable with the app for your website. You get to engage your clients with incentives and offers in real time. By accessing their location and information, you can personalize your offers and make them even more appealing.

Helps in promotion

Having an additional app besides your regular website can also help you in your promotion efforts. For instance, you could design an app that helps prospective clients better locate your stores. Just create irresistible offers, notify your users through your app and then give them directions to the nearest store based on their location data. This is the simplest way of promoting your business, and it will not cost you as much as other methods.

Support capabilities

Responding to client support requests is important to not only provide the necessary support, but to also show your clients that you value their business. While you can still do the same on your website, using the app makes it a lot easier to do the same. The app can also offer simple instructions and troubleshooting manuals that will definitely win the approval of your clients.Basically, your clients should feel that they can conveniently reach you through the app.Nowadays, people are looking for a simple and hassle-free experience wherever possible.When they like your site, they expect that you should have already created an app as well.Hence, it makes sense to have an app for your website ready to market your business effectively. As a final advice, get professionals to design your app and let it stand out both in features and also looks.


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